As biomass boilers are increasingly being used for commercial, industrial and rural heating, safety is very important. Skanden boilers use the latest technology to monitor, control and eliminate any potential danger, providing very safe heating.

Air Lock

The air lock provides a physical barrier between the boiler and the hopper, this prevents “burn back” (fire from the boiler burns back down the transport auger) and stops unwanted oxygen entering from the transport auger

Water Sprinkler System

The fuel transport auger is equipped with a water cylinder and nozzle. If the temperature inside the transport auger rises too high, water is flooded into the auger extinguishing any fire hazard. This system is designed to work even if there is a power outage. The system works independently from the rest of the boiler system and its operation is completely mechanical.

Boiler Thermostat

As water heats and gets to boiling point it expands putting pressure on the boiler. The boiler is fitted with an internal but accessible thermostat which monitors the temperature of the water inside the boiler, if the water temperature inside the boiler reaches 96ºc (205ºf) the boiler automatically shuts down. Each boiler is tested to 110ºc (230ºf), giving sufficient leeway in the case of an emergency.

Oxygen Level Sensor

The oxygen level inside the boiler is monitored by a Lambda sensor, if the level of oxygen inside the boiler gets below 5%, the control box starts the extractor fan (on smaller boilers it starts the lower draft fan) and draws out any unwanted gasses.

Safety Features